The Story of ANNRO

Our designer, Anne, founded ANNRO in 2017, because she felt a need to create a brand that would be able to combine beautiful, fashionable designs with comfort and sustainable materials. Here’s her story about the brand.

“Designing fashion has stuck with me since my youth and during that time it has developed into a strong passion. Through school and growing up I became aware of the importance of sustainability and the responsibilities that come with developing your own brand, which I try to spread equally throughout the entire value chain.

Before ANNRO I looked at other sustainable fashion brands and I had a hard time finding variety in the designs compared to non-sustainable brands. “Slow fashion” is a commendable trend and change from the norm, but we want to make an impact on how sustainable fashion is perceived by everyone – we want to inspire those interested in fashion and excite those passionate about sustainability. To me the whole difference lies in convincing as many consumers as possible to be more conscious when buying clothes  – and to do that we have to create garments, that would also be desirable if they weren’t sustainable.

“Like it for the designs – love it for the sustainability”

The main challenge of bringing sustainability into the entire value chain is economy. Naturally sustainable fabrics have higher costs due to lower demand, and guaranteeing better work environments by using European manufacturers lowers our margins. We have chosen to swallow these extra costs ourselves instead of passing it on to our customers – and instead we hope to be able to educate and make a difference on a larger scale. The more support we receive from our customers, the more we are able to drive down production costs and thereby become more sustainable overall.

By showing both consumers and businesses alike that there are ways to create desirable designs through ethical methods without having to increase the price, we hope to change the way sustainable fashion is perceived – for good.”