The Story of ANNRO (Skal stå på billedet)

Who are we?

ANNRO is a Copenhagen based RTW fashion brand founded in 2017 featuring feminine yet casual designs in high quality, sustainable fabrics.

The designer, Anne, has always dreamed of owning her own fashion brand, since she was a little girl, and started creating designs at the age of 7 by making pantyhose into t-shirts. She finally decided at the age of 26 to take the leap and go after her dream, and she has a huge passion for combining elegancy and comfort in desirable designs.

Comfort is often overlooked in the fashion business, and most girls she knows usually jump right into their sweatsuit after a long day at work – So she decided to make it her mission to combine style and comfort in a way, that will make you want to keep the styles on all day long.


The major ambition for ANNRO is to produce garments, that have a long lifespan in terms of both quality and design to rebel against the fast fashion industry, and hopefully make consumers want to keep the clothes for many years to come.

We love the idea of the minimalistic lifestyle, where quality is above quantity and where all the clothes in the wardrobe is actually being used – and of course appreciated.

In our styles we use close to zero trim such as buttons, zippers etc. which will make the recycling process much more time – and cost effective; enabling the possibility of reusing the fabric for new clothes or degrading and reusing the fibres elsewhere.

Capsule Collections

Many of the largest fast fashion brands today will launch a minimum of 4-8 collections with more than 100 different styles every single year, which will inevitably cause a large amount of unsold garments – and thereby a lot of waste.

To avoid this we have chosen to launch only 2-4 very small capsule collections every year with a few styles that we absolutely love – furthermore we will produce a minimum of stock to hopefully completely eliminate any waste.

Furthermore ANNRO only uses european manufacturers, and we strive on achieving over time a sustainable design process throughout the entire value chain.

We are continually working on ways to develop our brand towards being more sustainable, and we are open for any ideas or collaborations, that you may have in mind. Send us an email or go follow us on facebook or instagram below!

ANNRO is a brand created from the hopes, dreams and passions of an aspiring designer – therefore we can promise, that all designs are made with utmost love and care for detail.

Fashion should be about challenging the status quo
Dylis williams