Creative process

Transparency is important to us.
On this page we want to give our customers a peek behind the curtain into our creative process as a sustainable fashion brand. 

We hope that we can help consumers see the amount of work and funds that go into making a sustainable garment and hopefully thereby convince a few to choose the sustainable option - even if it's a bit more expensive on the price tag.


When we look for inspiration for our collections, we most often find it in the colours and shapes in nature.

We believe that for a product to be sustainable it needs to be something, that you can keep making, without it having a negative impact on the planet. So it makes a lot of sense for us, to create shapes and colours that feel and look organic and create this synergy with nature. 

The process of finding and collecting inspiration usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and is usually an ongoing process for our designer, Anne.

Our latest collection SEA is inspired by the organic, soft shapes and pastel colours of the deep sea and started with the simple moodboard below.



The biggest struggle for a lot of sustainable fashion brands is finding the right balance between trendy and timeless. 

We need to create styles, that are desirable, modern and that fit into todays needs and likes - but at the same time, we want to create designs, that can be used and loved for many years.

We believe the key lies in combining the three below philosophies.

Simplifying our designs without them being basic e.g. using as little trim as possible, choosing simple fabrics and by creating shapes that embrace all body types.

Focusing on functionality to reduce breakage or tearing e.g. avoiding zippers and buttons where possible and avoiding fragile fabrics.

Choosing colours that are more or less timeless.


When we have finished our designs we usually make a sample of each style in size M for fittings, corrections and testing. 

It is really important for us to deliver high quality garments to our customers, so we usually spend many weeks and sometimes even months perfecting our patterns, fitting our samples, testing the seams, washing the samples - and sometimes we do every step several times until we are satisfied. 

We have probably all tried receiving a beautiful new piece of clothing only to experience the zipper breaking after using it one or two times. Or maybe we've bought a comfy t-shirt and noticed it being skewed after pulling it out from the washer, because the combination of materials reacted differently to the hot degrees.
It is really important to us, that none of our customers have this experience, so we have sworn to never cut corners or compromise with the quality of our designs. 

Usually we would start producing stock orders after correcting and approving our samples, but we have recently changed our production into a made-to-order system, where we do not sew or dye any styles before an order is made, and thereby we can hopefully reduce our waste considerably going forward. You can read more about our efforts in this area here


For the past while we have gained a lot of interest in the world of natural dyes and the endless possibilities to bring nature into our styles via dyes and tints. 

Anyone who has tried playing around with this probably know that these dyes are often very alive and that it takes quite a few chemist skills to get the right shades using either baking soda or vinegar for adjusting the PH levels in the dye. 

The benefits of using these natural dyes are many, herein avoiding any chemicals flushing into our waste waters in the dyeing process as well as when the garment is washed continuously afterwards. 
Secondly the dyes can be made from food - or plant waste that would otherwise be thrown out, so we are able to create an even more waste-less supply chain.

In our SEA collection we have tried and tested more than 30 different plants, berries and veggies to try and find the perfect shades for the styles and we will continuously be working on discovering new colour options for our collections. 

These natural dyes piqued our interest to a degree where we have started researching the possibility of making our own range of dyes to use at home as well as in industrial dyeing on a larger scale. 

The possibility of dyeing old clothes with natural dye to give it new life will help in prolonging the life span of garments, and after we ourselves have been looking to buy natural dyes for quite some time without luck, we feel there is great possibility to meet a demand and create immense value for many people worldwide.

This is the foundation for our creative process.
If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

You can read about our sustainable vision here and if you would like to follow our sustainable journey, you can follow us on instagram here.