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Why sustainable fashion is expensive... on the price tag

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Why sustainable fashion is expensive... on the price tag

So let's just admit it - a lower price can often make the clothes seem more desirable when you shop new than a higher price does, and therefore the sustainable brands sometimes get a bad rep as if they push the price point higher as a marketing strategy - and this couldn't be further from the truth!

Allow me to explain;

Some of these sustainable styles CAN often seem very expensive and many of you (I know I did at first) have probably thought that simply the fact of it being sustainable just pumps up the price. Not true.

The price you see on a fast fashion item does not include things like fair wages, guaranteed adult-workers only, payed childcare, a safe working environment or whatever else we take for granted in our own day-to-day work lives. 

On a sustainable garment this has all been calculated into the final price, so naturally this alone will make the price considerably higher than what you usually see in your local H&M or Zara. 

Furthermore many sustainable brands choose to stock fewer pieces or produce on a made to order basis which in our case makes the cost price 50% higher per piece because we don't meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity) at our sewing room - but it is more important to us to avoid producing a lot of waste than to save these extra costs. 

Try not to compare;

In your journey to hopefully becoming more sustainable, I have some good advice (if I do say so myself) for you. Try to NOT compare the price tags on sustainable garments to the fast fashion ones.

Even if it seems like there is only a slight difference in quality or design, there is most definitely a HUGE difference in terms of WHO made these clothes and under WHICH conditions. 

I do not want to shame anyone for buying fast fashion or to generalise in regards to fast fashion production, but I would strongly recommend for you to be curious and conscious about the brands you choose to support, and whether or not they produce their garments in a sustainable and ethical way. 

To break it down;

As long as consumers request lower prices, new trends every season and support these giants in the business of fast fashion, they will at the same time support an industry where the garments are made by children (!) and where workers can barely live from their wages even though they work night and day. 

I will admit, being pregnant makes me a little more likely to be thinking about this a lot and when I’m buying clothes, bed sheets or whatever she’s gonna need (spoiler alert; it’s a lot) I go CRAZY making sure that everything is sustainable and made ethically.


This blog post was somewhat heavy, I KNOW, but I really hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, and maybe now you can help spread the word to everyone you know about what really makes up the higher price on sustainable fashion. 

Let’s make everyone join this fashion revolution and hopefully we can get our planet back on it’s feet.

Until next time fashion lovers,


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