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HOW TO and HOW OFTEN TO clean or wash your clothes

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HOW TO and HOW OFTEN TO clean or wash your clothes
Today I'll explain how and how often you should wash your clothes to make them last as long as possible, because it can actually make a huge difference!

Steaming vs. ironing

Let me put it this way; ironing should be your last resort and only when in war with a stubborn wrinkle that just won’t leave your gorgeous clothes alone. 
In most cases steaming is actually much better for your clothes. You'll obviously have to consider the fabric when picking out which method you want to go for. 

A denim shirt might need some serious pressure from an iron and pleats on skirt and pants will also have to be pressed, but for fabrics like silk or other delicate materials steaming is more gentle because the heat doesn’t come directly in contact with the clothes. 
How often is too often? 
Are you a typical one-wear-wash type of person or do you get multiple uses out of your items? Although you really should wash your clothes as rarely as possible I really don’t have a rule for this.

In general washing your clothes more often typically will wear the clothes down quicker, but if you (like me) try and keep the temperature as low as possible and avoiding the tumble dryer at all costs, then you can get away with washing more often with less damage to your clothes. 
Also I will often try airing my clothes out before washing it until it really feels "worn" and starts to sag at all the wrong places (read: the butt).
How to wash wool?
I wanted to add a wool washing direction because we make clothes out of wool at ANNRO from time to time, so we actually have some experience in that matter. 

With wool I would always recommend washing as little as possible. If you get a stain or a spot etc. try hand washing it under cold water before doing anything else like a full blown wool-program on a washing machine. 

Our Lantern Sleeve Merino Sweater and Slit Merino Maxi Skirt are made of mulesing free, OEKO-tex certified merino wool, which is very light weight and delicate but will last a lifetime, if you take good care of it. With this material we recommend washing as little as possible, wash at 30 °C and NEVER tumble dry as this might damage the fibres and thin out the fabric. 
Learn to mend!
This has really nothing to do with washing or cleaning your clothes but still - it’s maintenance! If you can't fix a button or mend a broken seem yet… You gotta learn it, girl! It's actually super easy and it will save you a lot of money to DIY instead of paying a professional. 
I hope you found some use in this post and that you will continue your sustainable journey with us! 

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