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Portrait of our designer - Anne Rosholm

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Portrait of our designer - Anne Rosholm

To give you guys a small peek behind the curtain in the universe of ANNRO, for today's blog post I will be doing a portrait of our founder and designer, Anne Rosholm. 

Let's start off with some cold hard facts:

  • Anne is 28 years old
  • She's the founder and designer behind ANNRO
  • She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • She's an alumni from KEA School of Design and Technology
  • She's passionate about fashion and a proud sustainability nerd  

I decided to get all my facts straight from the horse's mouth (no offense, Anne) and ask her a few questions about the thoughts about the beginning - and future of the brand.

How would you describe ANNRO in your own words?

A: To me ANNRO is a no nonsense womenswear brand with a huge passion for sustainability and a dream of changing the fashion industry for the better. Our styles are minimalistic and high quality - and most importantly they are comfortable.

Have you always had a passion for fashion? 

A: I really have. As long as I can remember I've been drawing, designing and sowing garments for myself and others, and this passion only grew as I got older, which eventually made me apply to KEA School of Design and Technology.

Is KEA where you developed an interest for sustainability? 

A: Yes, definitely. I didn't really put a lot of thought into sustainability before going to KEA, and to be honest I didn't even know how severe the impact of fast fashion is on the environment. So during my education, I really learned how important it is to incorporate sustainability throughout the entire value chain of a company. 

What were your thoughts and considerations before launching ANNRO?

A: Well before I launched ANNRO, I would look at other sustainable brands and I really struggled with finding variation in looks, colours and designs compared to fast fashion brands. So from the very beginning it has been important to me to show, that sustainability doesn’t equal boring, colourless and shapeless designs. We want to join the fashion revolution and prove that sustainable fashion can kick fast fashion’s butt – ALSO when it comes to aesthetics.  

How will you do that?

A: To me the whole difference lies in convincing as many consumers as possible to be more conscious when buying clothes – and to do that we have to create designs, that would also be desirable, if they weren’t sustainable. Slow fashion is an amazing change in the fashion game but if we really want to make a change, we have to inspire the consumers interested in fashion just as much as those passionate about sustainability. 

Now let's get to the most important question at all - how is ANNRO actually sustainable?

A: Well we weigh ethics just as high as aesthetics, and it has always been of great importance to me to choose a sewing room with proper working conditions, fair salaries and a high level of quality. We have all of our garments made at the Polish sewing room, Sigma, who can brag about customers such as Hugo Boss and Kenzo amongst others. Furthermore they have received audit certificates from Price Waterhouse Coopers and Fair Wear Foundation to guarantee, that they comply with the standards made by the European Union.

Furthermore, we always use OEKO-tex or GOTS certified materials to ensure, that our garments do not contain any chemicals that could be potentially harmful for the environment or the health. 

When designing we use as little trim as possible - such as zippers and buttons - so that our styles will be less likely to break or tear. Furthermore this also makes them easier to recycle or upcycle resulting in a prolonged lifespan. 

So to sum up - how will ANNRO have an impact on the fashion industry and changing it for the better?

A: It's very simple to me; the more we as a brand can inspire businesses and consumers alike to choose a more sustainable path, the more we can lower the cost of production and materials, and thereby we can make the sustainable alternative the new norm. Sustainability should be a given, not a sales argument. That is my single most important mission with ANNRO. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview and don't forget to follow our journey on instagram @annrocph.






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