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6 tips on living more sustainably in your daily life

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6 tips on living more sustainably in your daily life

Many of us remember getting scolded as a kid for forgetting to turn off the lights in the kitchen, bathroom or wherever the last place, we just tornadoed, was. And those of us who do remember also know how crazy annoying it was, when you where told for the 700th time to remember to turn it off. 

Bad news guys, they were right. There are some things we can do at home to be more sustainable and electricity is a big thing here. 

This leads me to the first tip on living more sustainably in your daily life.

Tip #1:

Yes, you guessed it. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and consider changing your light bulbs into compact fluorescent ones to save even more power. 

This exercise goes for all appliances and machines, that you’re not using.

If you’re really invested, you can buy energy efficient appliances or even a programmable thermostat that automatically regulates the temperature when you’re out of the house (Kinda creepy though, right?).

Especially in the summer you should hang your clothes outside to dry instead of using your tumble dryer - unless it's raining of course. Then you should invest in a drying rack to dry your clothes in your living room instead. 

Tip #2: 

You already know this... Think about your use of plastic. We all HAVE to! Everything from the little plastic cups you get, when ordering your favourite drink-to-go, to the small forks attached, when you buy a salad is plastic.

I'm aware that you are not able to change this fact and I'm not asking you to stop buying foods or drinks wrapped in plastic all together, but what you can do is to be mindful about how you dispose of this plastic afterwards. 

In addition to that, you can try and cut down on the amount of plastic beauty products you use, i.e. there really is no need to use the single-use razors when you can choose a permanent one, is there?

Tip #3:

Look for fairtrade products. Natural things like coffee, cocoa, fruit, sugar, tea, YOU NAME IT, that are imported from different countries, all have in common that if they are labeled with the fairtrade mark, it means that it was grown sustainably and that the workers got a fair pay for their products or labor.

Tip #4:

Resell and DONATE! Think about all the people who would LOVE your old red dress, that you never use and think about getting rid off. The worst you can do is to throw it out. So please throw it in a red cross container, donate it to a charity, sell it on a flea market or on one of the gazillion apps and websites, that lets you resell your clothes. The sky is the limit!

Tip #5:

This one can be done on a bigger or smaller scale depending on your living situation. I’m about to challenge you on your green thumbs! Many of us city cats have a very limited private outside space - if any at all. But IF you have a balcony like myself, you should go a little crazy, go get some seeds and plant what you have room for (and know that you’ll actually be using, doh).

Personally I plant things like peas, carrots, spearmint, different spices and in my kitchen I have a thriving chili plant. Which reminds me, that you can also plant and groom so many things inside your kitchen!

You can really plant almost anything from seed. I’m serious, nature is mind-blowing, google it. 

Tip #6:

Think about what you buy and how much. This really applies to everything you buy from new. We've already made a post about cleaning out your closet and taking stock on what you have, so you don’t all of a sudden end up with ten pieces that are remarkably similar. It’s so easy to buy yet another white t-shirt in a split second only to realise a bit too late, that you actually already have six white t-shirts with a round neck and a long fit. Whoops. You can read the post right here. 

I really hope at least some of these tips were useful and maybe a little de-threatening in terms of thinking that being sustainable requires a complete life altering approach.

If everyone just try and make the adjustments, they can manage, the world WILL become a better place and we can all live happily ever after. And isn't that really all you can wish for?



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