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5 LOOKS: High Neck Maxi Dress

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5 LOOKS: High Neck Maxi Dress

So, many of us have a bad habit of not exploring our clothes enough. One item can create 100 different looks, if you just style it in various ways. 

We took one of our dresses and will now give you guys some serious inspo on how to utilize the dress’ potential! 

Here's 5 different ways to style our High Neck Maxi Dress in black:

1. This might be a no-brainer, but nonetheless a good one! Put the dress over… you guessed it, JEANS! A pair of blue jeans go a long way under a dress. Apart from looking f-ing cool, it’s always a great trick for wearing your "summer dresses" before it’s actually summer or just wearing your dresses in a different way.
In my opinion, there really is no such thing as winter dresses and summer dresses - it just depends on how you style it. Pair it with either a pair of sneakers or a great pair of boots. I've worn the dress with blue skinny jeans and black sock boots with a fun silver heel. I’m also a total jewellery geek, so put on your favourite rings and earrings, a great lipstick and you're good to go all the way from work to a night out with the girls.   

 Blue jeans: Burberry // Boots: Tony Bianco


2. Let’s talk about being a little brave with colours. It’s really very simple but it works in a way that’s so interesting. For this look I've paired our Turtleneck Shirt in the color rust with the dress. And that’s it. Suddenly it looks like a whole new dress.  Pair it with some black stockings and a combat boot to top it off. 

Stockings: Ellos // Boots: Zara 


3. Now, this look is fit for a day in the sun. Wear the dress just like it is and maybe wear your bathing suit underneath, to be prepared to jump in the water anytime. Pair it with some awesome espadrilles (I love me some espadrilles!) or sandals if you prefer. If it’s a summer night, bring a light jacket and put on a bright lipstick and a great pair of earrings. Boom - you look amazing. 


Swimsuit: Miss Dalia // Espadrilles: Walk and Love


4. Let’s talk about knitwear! Whether it be a cardigan, a turtleneck, long, short, oversized, no matter what... IT WORKS! It just works! If you choose a shorter but looser knitted sweater over the dress, it will turn the dress into a skirt and the lower half of your body will appear longer - especially if you’re rocking this look with a pair of heels. This look goes with a bare leg or a pair of stockings for colder nights.

Cardigan: COS // Stockings: Ellos // Heels: ARKET


5. This look is a biiiit similar to look number 1, but I’ve done this ALOT with dresses. Put the dress over a pair of skinny blue jeans with your favourite pair of boots. But this time finish the look with a gorgeous fedora hat and a jacket. This works for a walk in the woods, a barbecue or a day in the park. In my opinion a hat can transform an outfit just as much as the shoes you choose to wear. 

Jacket: COS // Blue jeans: Burberry // Boots: Zara
That was just 5 ways that I would style the High Neck Maxi Dress in black, but the possibilities are endless and totally depend on your individual style. 

Check out the High Neck Maxi Dress and the rest of the Spring Essentials right here
Thanks for reading along, you fabulous sustainable soldier!

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