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3 sustainable brands we love

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3 sustainable brands we love

In sight of the recent corona virus pandemic, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to giving some shoutouts and give other small business owners like ourselves some love. I’ll kick this post off talking a little about, what we wear underneath our clothes and giving my recommendations to some pretty cool sustainable danish entrepreneurs. 

I’ve stumbled upon two danish brands that make sustainable underwear. The first is called Dilling. Dilling is a family company who specialises in clean production and certified organic materials. They sell high quality, organic made, cotton underwear for... well, everybody! They have mens underwear, womens underwear and even underwear for your baby and kids of any ages - and honestly they choose some pretty awesome colors in my opinion. 

The coolest thing about Dilling though, besides their dedication to our environment and us as consumers, is that they have really taken into account that their clothes have to be good for you skin and able to be washed a bunch of times. 

The prices are sustainable but very affordable. 

The second underwear label that caught my eye is Woron. Woron is a vegan label, started by two sisters, who specialises in underwear and swimwear. 

Besides the fact that they won an award in 2018 from the magazine LUX Fashion And Lifestyle for best cruelty-free underwear and swimwear fashion brand, they have some serious demands for the fashion industry today. As the describe on their website; “Most fashion products aren’t made in a way that’s any good for you nor the planet, we’re here to change that.” How, you ask? Well, Woron items is mainly produced in Europe and the sister-duo have made sure they only work with people and companies that live up to their high standards on animal cruelty, working conditions and of course with focus on the environment. 

In addition they describe their purpose as “making a woman’s authentic self flourish” and that, I can only salute! 

This last one is maybe one of the greatest ideas for a company in the industry today. I absolutely LOVE this idea and the products that come from it. 

RELOVE and roses is based on the idea of reuse, remake and yes, relove. 

Behind RELOVE and roses is Mia Staunsager, a designer of many years, who found a gorgeous kimono at a fleemarket and used it to make hair bands. Now, RELOVE and roses sell bags, pouches, bracelets and of course dresses, among other things, all from that one idea: to take something with a past and give it life in a new function. I mean... COME ON! Best. Idea. EVER! 

RELOVE and roses is sold all over the country at numerous retailers and is based in the danish town Aarhus. I would really recommend that you stop by if you’re ever in town. 

This is only three of MANY talented, forward thinking and amazing brands, designers and companies, that we have in our small country. Can you even think of a reason NOT to buy locally when discovering these amazing designers? 

We should always support business owners in any way possible, it is so deeply appreciated - and by buying their sustainable products you also help in saving our climate with very little effort.  

We hope you’re all safe in these times and wish everybody the very best going forward. 

Love, Cecilie

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